Thank you for watching Hanalei and Lihue while we are away. If anything urgent should arise, feel free to call or text me at 978-290-7910. We are only a few hours away by car. (Alternatively, if I don’t answer, you can contact Alan at 415-596-2118.

Their vet is Carr Island Animal Hospital, located at 419 Merrimac Street in Newburyport. The phone number is 978-462-7101.

Here is a refresher for how to care for the kitties in our absence:


They have three bowls you can refill from the sink in the upstairs office bathroom (this is the room their litter has been moved to per our earlier discussion).

  1. Gravity water container next to the food bowl (should last a couple of days)

  2. Automatic fountain

  3. Bowl next to fountain (which I use to fill the fountain rather than bringing it to/from the sink)


  • I’ve moved their main litter box into my office in the far corner. It has been cleaned, filled with fresh litter, and the litter genie emptied.

  • You shouldn’t have to do anything with the electronic litter box in the attic.


  • Lihue’s “chill pills” are in the small tupperware container on the bookshelf by the window in the front right room (with the dining table). Important: he needs to have it every morning.

  • He and Hanalei can have 4-5 crunchy treats each visit plus 2-3 turkey bites in the evening. If the turkey bites are large, feel free to break them up into smaller chunks.


  • They should be good on food.


  • Their toys are on the floor in the same room where their litter box and water is. His favorite is the thick blue fabric belt, while she prefers the thinner off-white string. If you can get him running, that’d be great. She likes to jump if you can get her to come out and play.

  • He’s being lazy lately so he’ll likely just want to lay on his back and roll around trying to attack it from underneath. Get him rolling as much as possible to work off some of his excess energy.


  • Please make sure the attic door is left open at all times so they can come and go freely.


  • Please turn on the window fan in my office and the oscillating fan in the TV room in the morning and turn them off when you leave your evening visit. With the high temperatures we’ve been having and the windows being mostly closed, I want to try and make it as cool as possible for them.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.